Aussie Loh Family
  June 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It’s winter again here in Marysville. Lake Mountain has reported 5cm of snowfall and it looks like a good season this year. It has been cold during the nights and our little wood heater has added a warm and cosy feeling to our living room.The privilege of having our own place has translated into heavier living expensesfor us. With the rise of petrol prices and household bills together with our dwindling support, we have found it rather challenging trying to make ends meet. I have even considered leaving the ministry for paid employment. However, after spending time in prayer and meditating on His word, the Lord has said a big, “NO!” Not receiving any responses from my various job applications has also been a further confirmation. As a result I have decided to step out in faith with the Rs in obedience to the Lord. I have taken up the position of Ministry Coordinator with El Kanah Marysville. I will be mainly involved in mentoring and discipleship as well as looking after the resource center which stocks Christian reference and reading materials for the ministry and for sale.

Rachelle: She is in Year 8 and enjoying school life. She plays the flute in the school band and has started to learn the French Horn. I was finally able to attend all her performances and the major one was the Music Festival at Lake Eildon during the summer. Rach also went on the ew Zealand trip with the band for eight days and had an awesome time there. They performed at an old folks’ home, a couple of primary schools, shopping malls and at an opening ceremony of a local town hall.


Praise Points: I was able to reclaim the money that was charged to my debit card last year. The bank authorities were very kind and efficient in getting it back before Christmas. In addition, I had more time and energy to renew friendships, attend church regularly and help the Rs with their homework. Having me at home most of the time has been a blessing in settling them down. They are definitely happier as we spend more time together. We even play games together but I always seem to lose, because my children are too good for me, according to them!


To serve and provide ministry and a refuge for all God’s people.


Raphael :
He is now in his final year of primary school. He is doing well in his class and now has the rugby top with all his classmates names on it. All Grade Six students get them. Yesterday he went out with his mate, Kieran, to visit all the local businesses in Marysville to raise some much needed funds for his school. They managed to collect $41.00! He also encouraged Kieran to start coming to church with us. During sunny days, Raph has also been walking home from school to help keep his weight down. He has become very fit. Family : We have finally settled into a routine. Mondays to Fridays are school days. Rachelle is now in Year 8 and Raphael is in his final year at the local primary school. 

Saturdays are days for outings. We go shopping, visit friends and attend the evening service in church. Sundays are Sabbaths for us as we sleep in, do housework and a spot of gardening. I do all the cooking now. Our usual diet consists of spaghetti bolognaise, meat lasagna, sausages and mash potatoes, fried noodles, fried rice, soup noodles with won ton, bak kut teh and pork stew with rice. On Tuesdays, we have takeaway from the local fish&chips shop because Rach stays back late in school for band practice and on Saturdays we have our fastfood fix after church.
Prayer Points: We would appreciate your continued prayers for us as we launch into this new ministry. We will still be reliant on support to help us meet our living expenses as El Kanah is only able to supply us in terms of food. We would also covet your prayers for the ministry so that we can be God’s instruments,

Thank you for your partnership and your willingness to journey with us as we continue in this new adventure with the Lord. God Bless You!

I am a merciful God, and when they call out to me, I will come to help them. Exodus 22:27b

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