Aussie Loh Family
  December 2008

Rachelle, Jeff, Raphael

December 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Another year is almost gone and our family will be going through some changes in the new year. As you would have noticed, the children have literally grown up. Soon I will lose my last vestige of authority; “Obey me because I’m bigger thanyou!” With Raphael joining Rachelle in Alexandria Secondary College next year,the Lord has impressed on me the need to prepare for a future ministry. To that end, I have applied and been accepted into the Graduate Diploma in Education(secondary) at Tabor College Victoria and Victoria University. This is a one-year course and I hope to find a posting at the children’s school in 2010. The plan is to gain work experience as a teacher in the following five years, until both the children graduate and move into either University or TAFE studies. Then I will be available and trained for field work again but this time as a teacher rather than a Bible Translator. I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported us in prayer and financially over these past 18 years in ministry. But I need to ask you to stay with me for one more year so that I can get my needed training beforeseeking paid employment.


: Because she went on the Malaysian Tour with
her Indonesian class, we were unable to pay for her school camp at Philip Island. However, her school, Alexandria Secondary College, decided to sponsor her and she had a super cool time there with her classmates. Rachelle completed her Year 8 on a high note, receiving 15 Personal Awards and a $20 cheque for being one of the three top students in her form.

Rach & Poss at Philip Island

Raphael : 

He has just finished his last year of Primary School. To end the year on an encouraging note, he was chosen to go to Somers Camp along with nine of his classmates. This is a special camp for primary students of rural schools to get together in fully supervised activities to promote teamwork and form friendships. Rural primary school students are usually fed into a central Secondary College in the region. In this case, Raph will be going to Alexandria Secondary College next year and so will many other students from other Primary schools.

Raph & Abigail at Somers

Ministry :

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of you,

I am presently still working at El Kanah Marysville but will leave my post in February when my course begins. I have downsized my responsibilities to just looking after the computers and reception. The Lord has raised up more workers to fill the vacancies at the guesthouse and it has been a joy to work here these past six months. Prayer Points : When the Lord first called me, He impressed on me that I should invest my time and efforts in work that would last for eternity. And only two things lasts forever on earth. One is God Himself, and the other, His created beings, mankind. To that end, I have dedicated myself to doing with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Albert House, Evangelical Chinese Church and El Kanah Marysville. Now the Lord is moving me on to working with teenagers and being an influence among them in the school. Rachelle and Raphael have been encouraging and positive towards having me in their school, which was surprising since this is in contrast to the reactions of their peers. One of my teaching options is Religious Education and I would appreciate your prayers that the Lord would prepare the way for me to exercise that option at the school. They do not currently have an active RE class.



Thank you for your partnership and your willingness to journey with us as we continue in this new adventure with the Lord. God Bless You!

I am a merciful God, and when they call out to me, I will come to help them.

Exodus 22:27b

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PO Box 129, Marysville, Vic 3997, Australia

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