Aussie Loh Family

Introducing our dog, Tommy.

Tommy enjoying his big, big bone

Raph feeding a rosella on the verandah with a piece of bread


Snow in the driveway

Tommy attacking the snow flakes

Playing mahjong with our Brazilian mate, Sara

Teaching them to build the wall correctly, I think

Crikey, I do believe I have the winning hand!

Farewell dinner for Sara at a BBQ restaurant, Limors

Raph and his best mate, Kieren, at Marysville Primary School

Rach and Bandemonium on a tour to inspire primary school kids

Raph attending his first camp at Somers, nine days long!

Raph and his good mate, Zakk, at Somers Camp

Raph, Rach and her friend Alex on family visitation day at Somers Camp

Rach in her school play, Zombies


Zombies' cast

Rach leaving for her Malaysian trip with the Alexandra Secondary College's Indonesian class

Relaxing in the plane, MAS

First stop : Kuching

Staying at posh hotels

Rach met up with her long lost cousins, Melody and Charissa


Also visiting uncle Steven and aunty Jay

And not forgetting aunty Kay!

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