Aussie Loh Family
  2007 - holidays


Rach & Raph preparing to fly kites.

Rach gets her kite into the air.

Raph feeds the seagulls after a heavy downpour which flooded our backyard.

Raph & Rach enjoying home made ice-cream.

Our daily visits to the Tub for dessert!

Rach making pancakes for breakfast at the Apollo Bay Colonial Cottage.

Raph playing a computer game while waiting for breakfast and munching on Kit Kat.

Dad's turn at the computer while Raph & Winnie watch TV.

Enjoying the magnificent view of the Twelve Apostles.

Attempting the Tree Top Walk in the Otways.

Terrifying heights for the dad taking the photo, not the Rs though.

The Rs enjoying the elevated the feeling on top of the trees.

On the way down, down, down.

Finally, made it to ground level.

Grass roots level at last.


On the way to the Island, we stopped for a drink in South Australia.

Raph & Rach having a break from just sitting in the car.

Ferry crossing to Kangaroo Island. The silver 7-seater is our Zafira.

Having a drink in the cafetaria on the ferry.

Enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze on the top deck.

Standing by the rails, trying not to get blown off the deck.

Our accomodation at Ficifolia Lodge.

Parndana Wildlife Park.

Seals Bay Conservation Park on Kangaroo Island.

Sleeping seals.

Seals Bay walkway.

Feeding the pelicans on Kangaroo Island.

Pelicans flying when not eating.

On the way home, we passed by Kingston.


Rach getting ready to board the plane to NZ with the combined schools band

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